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Five Essential Omnichannel Marketing Tactics for 2021

As the COVID19 pandemic continues, digital spend in 2021 for e-commerce brands is set to skyrocket.

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Influencer Marketing in Quarantine 

No one could have seen this coming. Advertisers big and small have had to pause their campaigns or fundamentally rework them to fit within the needs of the current global crisis.

Home Chef Acquires Customers at Scale with Influencer Marketing

Not only is Influencer Marketing effective, but it's also efficient.

Lauren Schultz, Influencer Marketing Manager at Home Chef, leverages creators on YouTube and Instagram to acquire new customers at a competitive CPA that allows her to scale up her work each quarter.

Drop Supercharges Their User Acquisition with Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing helps brands broaden their user acquisition horizons!

With proven success in leveraging influencers, Stephanie Solty of Drop partnered with Grapevine to scale their approach with a stable of micro-influencers.

How Society6 Built Strong Relationships with Influencers to Inspire Brand Trust

Society6 partnered with Grapevine creators to run over fifteen YouTube Influencer Marketing campaigns to reach millennial consumers on their e-commerce platform.

How Sue & Daughters Leveraged Influencers To Shave Off The Competition

Influencer Marketing doesn't have to be a hairy business. After partnering with Grapevine creators to run over six campaigns, it's fair to say that beauty brand Sue & Daughters has shaved off their competition.

Grapevine Influencer Marketing Creative Brief 

Arm yourself with the Influencer Marketing Creative Brief Template and maximize creator collaborations in your influencer marketing campaigns.

Use this free template to strategically align your influencer team on deliverables, content schedules, campaign scope, key messages, compliance rules, and more.


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