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Grapevine Shops is an e-commerce site founded by women that connects trusted, innovative, and mission–driven brands with entrepreneurial creators and valued customers.

We select small, innovative, mission driven, best–class brands and businesses to help build a better, more equitable future.

We are currently looking to create long term partnerships with Featured Creators who will help to promote Grapevine Shops and affiliated brands throughout their networks. This is not a one-time opportunity, but instead a chance to become part of a growing lifestyle e-commerce site that is geared towards female centric, emerging brands that you can believe in.

Each Featured Creator will have their own personalized landing page off of the store homepage with your favorite products for your followers to enjoy.

We will run paid ads to the landing pages which will build brand awareness for your account and drive sales, helping you earn more through your commission rate. In addition to money and brand promotion, you will receive new products as they come out.


FAQ and Additional Campaign Details

  • What are the requirements? 

    As an official creator on Grapevine Shops, you will receive a unique, personalized landing page that will grant you additional exposure and SEO value.

    This will allow visitors to shop your favorite products in one place, which will generate commissions for you per sale.

    Using provided brands and your personalized landing page, we ask that Featured Creators post deliverable in order to spread awareness and drive sales of Grapevine Shops and our brands.

    Additionally, we will also be coming out with designated branded umbrella campaigns, where we will be asking for content, how you create that with the brands is wholly your own idea. As we look to build our community of creators, we are focusing on the #ShowYourStyle campaign which will include choosing 2 or more brands below to show your own individual style:

    • Yang Lan Fashion
    • Ecru Style 
    • Flair Chocolatier 
    • Diego dalla Palma 
    • Smiling Button
  • What's the timeline like? 

    All deliverables for your personalized affiliate link must be completed in 2.5 weeks. Content for #ShowYourStyle should be live by October 28th.Campaign Deliverables (minimum*)

  • What deliverables are expected of me? 

    We are looking to build long term partnerships with our creators. 

    Starting with a first paid post, we would like to continue the partnership in an affiliate program in which you are paid 10% of the retail price. As a long term partner you will participate in opportunities that are beneficial to your account as well such as IG lives, takeovers, giveaways and more. 

    The first paid post would include 

    • 1 high quality original static Instagram post 


    • 1 original integrated YouTube Video in which Grapevine Shops is featured for at least 1 minute, and mentioned within the first 30 seconds of the video.

    *Everyone will have their own best way to make sales. For other platforms and ideas, request with us. 

    Please note, ALL CONTENT including any photos or videos for your Instagram post(s), Youtube video content, captions, or any Instagram stories you plan to post must be submitted to Grapevine Village for approval 7 days (unless agreed otherwise)  before you plan to go live.  All sponsored content from this campaign must remain live on your channel for at least 3 months from posting date. 

  • What's the compensation like? 

    In addition to the monetary compensation, we will send free product with a minimum value of $200. 

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