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The best brands tell powerful stories with the power of marketing. We're here to help. 

Founded in 2012, Grapevine is one of the world’s first leading influencer marketing organizations.

Advertisers leverage Grapevine’s full suite of services to build, iterate, and scale end-to-end marketing campaigns powered by authentic content sourced from creators across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

In September 2020 we launched Grapevine Shops, our e-commerce platform for emerging best in class brands. 

Pictured: Yang Lan, founder of Yang Lan Fashion, speaks with Vera Wang, Founder of Verafied and WG Empire, Grapevine Village CEO, Kristen Standish,  and Grapevine Village COO, Charity Richins, at an exclusive panel in New York City


We've assembled a team of experts across all marketing disciplines to ensure our clients succeed


Kristen Standish

Chief Executive Officer

Since joining Grapevine in 2018, she has overhauled the company’s operations and strengthened Grapevine’s position as a leader in enterprise digital marketing. Using her decades of experience creating revenue and brand awareness for several media companies, including Boston magazine where she served as Publisher, and the Phoenix Media/Communications Group, CBS Radio, and the Boston Globe, Kristen is adept at driving sales and creating lasting mutually beneficial business relationships while also constantly innovating.

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Charity Richins

Chief Operating Officer

Charity spearheaded the development of the e-commerce platform.  She has nearly two decades of senior leadership and 12 years of international business experience.  A natural entrepreneur, Charity is highly skilled in managing rapidly growing organizations, operations, international business, R&D, marketing, logistics, and human resources. She has hired over 700 employees in her career and founded an international distribution company where she curated and imported best-in-class health, specialty foods, and supplements to Kuwait and the UAE.  She is has lived in Italy, Japan, China, Kuwait, and Iraq, and speaks Italian.  She served in the Navy Reserves as an Intel Specialist. Charity has a M.S. and is currently taking Full Stack Development courses.


We are called experts because we have the skills and knowledge that the possibility of creative discovery is unlimited.


Joe Mariani

Senior Director of Sales

Meghan Harrell

VP Marketing & Strategic Partnerships


Reagan Driscoll

Senior Account Executive


Monika Zatek

Account Manager

Erin Andy

Account Manager


Lisa Bell

PR / Marketing

Esteban Cajigas

Account Manager

Sofia Arteaga

Marketing Associate

Kyle Barry

Business Development Manager 

Santi Lozano

Email Marketing

Austin Puckett

Full Stack Engineer