The Five Essential Omnichannel Marketing Tactics for 2021.

What does E-Commerce look like in 2021? 

A competitive digital space is only going to get more competitive. Try to search for your brand on Google right now. How many of those first results are sponsored posts from your competitors? If you’re in a particularly saturated space then organic results might not even appear until the very bottom, meaning you could very well appear on page two or three. 

As a result, ranking first in organic results on popular marketplaces such as Google is going to take an even greater commitment with regards to spend. In fact, in lieu of more traditional means of advertising or in-person events, digital will represent 51.3% of total US ad spending by 2021, with e-commerce ad spend rising by as much as 115% (Q3 2019 vs. Q3 2018)!

For the upcoming year, here are key components of an omnichannel strategy that brands will need to consider for their marketing plans: 

  • Beat Your Competition with Creative Events Marketing
  • Center Creators and Video Experiences for Live Events
  • Repurpose Live Event Content for Programmatic Content
  • Make Your Brand Stand for Something
  • Assemble an Omnichannel Team

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